The Sweetest Rewards You May Earn, are at the Trop Club & Casino

Eagle Beach — The Trop Club and Casino, has been staging spectacular promotions this year to entertain slot and table players with many different holiday and sporting events. This time the casino came up with something sweet, asking slot Advantage Club members to earn 300 Points, and get a free pie.

The promotion in which players get a free pie with every 300 points they earn, started on September 1st, 2014, and will remain valid while supplies. The offer is available for five consecutive Mondays from 6pm– 10pm.
To make things even more interesting the pies vary. While always sweet, the pies vary in flavor. On the first Monday of the month, players were rewarded with Apple Pies. On Monday September 8, they will enjoy Black Berry Pies, on Monday September I5, Bread Pudding Pies, on Monday September 22, Buttermilk Pies and last but not least, on Monday September I5, Key Lime Pies.

Guests must earn 300 points the day of the giveaway, and in addition to the pie they will get to keep their points, for redemption on another occasion.  In order to keep most of the casino’s members happy the pie giveaway is restricted to only one per Advantage Club member and the offer is valid while supplies last on the promotion day.