Bati Bleki October 28th, 2013


FOR MY RESUME. I got hit by a car as a pedestrian. I came out of my favorite dog-food store, Pets4You, having just purchase the weekly ration of Kibble. I walked across the street to the Kitchen Restaurant to get some lunch. A car which was reversing on my left, hit me on the right, as I turned when I saw the small maybe-white SUV, perhaps with a color stripe, coming at me. I raised my right elbow, and extended my head, and kaboom, in spite of my resistance, got thrown to the asphalt. The driver went on his merry way, he might have been busy texting or just distracted, and I was helped off the ground by the amazing crew of Pets4You. They iced the growing bump on my temple, they iced my damaged knee. They gave me a huge glass of cold water, that was a lifesaver. One of the bystanders recognized me, and immediately summoned my son to the scene, which was comforting.  Then the press arrived not just one photographer but ten, and a TV camera man. Also a few Police officers, all young and handsome – I notice these things, even under duress. I could not tell them what happened, because I couldn’t fish the incident out of my memory bank. How I ended up icing my head, I had no idea. When the ambulance arrived in a flurry of neon blue and yellow, the paramedics, a pair of gentle souls, insisted on strapping me into a head-brace and lowering me onto a plank, then onto a stretcher, though I was perfectly capable of seating myself like a lady. No, they said, insisting on bundling me up like a mummy. I had no resistance in me. When mummified to their complete satisfaction they proceeded to take my vitals. A few times. I could follow the conversation, and heard how my blood pressure goes from elevated to normal, and then I thought to myself: Girl, you are made of Teflon-coated steel. You are lucky, so lucky! The clunky ambulance then delivered me to the hospital. It was not a smooth trip. That car rides like  truck, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody. But it was nicely air-conditioned, and the paramedics provided excellent commentary, and affirmations, talking me through the fog in my head, and then I remembered, I got hit by a reversing, careless driver. The details came back to me in a flash. At triage at Horacio Oduber hospital a red-haired nurse, I think her name was Hilda, checked on me, she was like an army general, assuring me that my incredible thirst was natural, and that my urge to go to the toilet was natural too. Let me tell you, I couldn’t wait for the doctor to come in and see me, to release me from bondage to allow me to go, if you know what I mean! That adrenaline rush in my body at the wake of the accident threatened to release all kinds of fluids, and I was lying there flat on my back, in a state of distress! I was also extremely preoccupied with the color of my underwear. I was trying to review what kind I have been flashing to my public since my debut on the stretcher, and on the EKG, as the cardiac output discs were stuck to me from head to toe. Was it the raggedy orange pair, or the washed out black/white. In any case, it could not have been fancy, because I often opt for comfort over style. And I am telling you now, it’s true what they say, never leave home with underwear you might be ashamed to show off. Anyway, blonde and cute Dr Buuk released me, I hobbled down the hall on my son’s gallant arm, to the toilet, I got a glass of water, two paracetamol, then spent the rest of the day on the couch, accepting visitors and the ministrations of Dr. Mini, my smallest doggy, who was concerned over my black/blue/purple bruises and emotionally available to console me. Bottom line. We did not find the driver because there are no cameras at the mega mall. He/she might not have realized that he/she hit me. I tried to call the Police to find out, but need to keep trying because I can never connect at the right time. My adorable daughter-in-law bought Taco Bell for late lunch, and it was deliciously healing. To sum up the experience, I have excellent friends, I met wonderful people, I am extremely lucky. Watch out how you’re driving, don’t text at the wheel. Focus, don’t allow yourself to be distracted!

FANCY POOCHES. Maxi Pets opened not long ago at Paseo Herencia. It’s a fancy dog boutique, where you can get Fifi all kinds of adorable outfits. Fashion connoisseur Andrew Ras is the motor behind the venture. The boutique offers stylish dog accessories, by famed Venezuelan brands with unique designs, from beds, to cushions, collars, harnesses, leashes, a great variety of clothes, toys and more.  


GUEST SPEAKER JOSH SHIP MAKES AN IMPRESSION. The following is a great piece written by one of my friends regarding the Quota Seminar:  Because I have been struggling with the fact that I am no longer the hero of my two teen kids, this seminar seemed just right for me. I thought I would learn how I can become their #1 hero again. But I didn’t. Because it’s not gonna happen….for a while, until they are grown.  And remember I don’t have troubled kids. They don’t act out or misbehave, they don’t rebel or take drugs, nor do they do crazy things behind my back. Not that I know anyway, to date, there are definitely no red flags on my radar screen. But Josh was great. Animated. Inspiring. Funny. And most importantly, relatable to teens. He was caring. And the entire room listened. With lots of teens in attendance. Wow I was surprised. My son predicted it would be, like, so lame, Mom, but he ended up laughing a lot. And thanking me three times, later that evening for taking him along. So here is what WE learned: Every kid is one adult away from being a success story. I need to be that adult. Motivate them. Inspire them. Encourage them. Difficult things are good for you. They build self-esteem. So face your problems. IN LIFE YOU EITHER WIN OR YOU LEARN. You can choose to be bitter or better. We need to open up with our teens if we want them to open up to us! At the end of the afternoon we tried to buy a book and have Josh sign it, but they sold out fast! So we will look at his website instead: