EQ3 moved to a new boulevard location at Antraco Plaza

As ANTRACO is repositioning it enormous retail space into a plaza, EQ3 saw the opportunity to move to a more visible location from its previous digs across Ling & Sons Super Center in Eagle. EQ3  Furniture + Accents is an innovative home design store. It offers a fresh new look, promoting a contemporary furnishing style … Continue reading EQ3 moved to a new boulevard location at Antraco Plaza

Refinery News

The last three employees of PDV MANTENIMIENTO N.V., from the original group of 29 PdVM employees, left yesterday to go back to Venezuela. However, on Monday May 29th, 29 new staffers from Venezuela Y&V Group, www.yvsite.com will be starting as part of the larger JV consortium group coming in, financing included, to plan, inspect and … Continue reading Refinery News

Malmok wetlands gifted for construction

Some information leaked the day before yesterday, from the office of the Land Department, a certain bureaucrat, gave another paper-pusher an order to release SEVEN parcels of land for construction. The terrain is located behind the Salina in Malmokweg, and is considered protected wetland. The story implied that the Legal Adviser told the bureaucrat to … Continue reading Malmok wetlands gifted for construction

Bati Bleki Weekly Recap, May 21, 2017

Customs Crybabies On March 16th of last year, I already wrote about the Customs strike in Barcadera. You will find it relevant if you read it: https://batibleki.visitaruba.com/8am-buzz/barcadera-a-union-battle-ground/ Aruba’s Customs Agents are the biggest crybabies, they flip out every second week, they strike, they slow work down, they inconvenience tourist-arrivals on the island. Last week again they … Continue reading Bati Bleki Weekly Recap, May 21, 2017

The D’Abaru Cunucu at Bloemond, is worth visiting

We visited the Kelkbooms in Bloemond this week, to see their eighty D’Abaru trees cunucu. It’s impressive. The story goes the following: Emile Kelkboom was a greatly-respected radio journalist, the owner of Radio Kelkboom, one of the oldest stations on the island. Then he decided to close shop and reinvent himself. He bid the airwaves … Continue reading The D’Abaru Cunucu at Bloemond, is worth visiting

Miracles in Moko

For the past seven years, Audrey Lacle has been inviting me to come visit Cas Esperanza in Moko 28. It is a halfway house maintained by Adopt an Addict foundation. Ten years ago Audrey started the foundation in order to take drug addicted homeless off the main street and alleviate the pressure on the merchant … Continue reading Miracles in Moko