San Francisco birders visit Arikok Park

During his regular trips through Aruba’s National Arikok Park, Greg Peterson, president of Aruba Birdlife Conservation, was waved to stop by the chauffeur of a luxurious tour van. Tour guide Amador Lacle was on a birding tour with guests from as far away as San Francisco’s Bay Area. Amador wanted to introduce his guests to Greg Peterson, also known as Aruba’s birdman and the birders had some questions.

In the van were 4 people, two couples, Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez and Mr. and Mrs. Douglas,all from San Francisco. The ladies were avid bird photographers and travelled to Aruba from so far to capture some of Aruba’s beautiful birds.

There was this one very beautiful yellow bird, which they wanted to identify. It was Aruba’s Yellow Oriole or Gonzalito as locals know it.

Peterson commented that he was extremely happy to have met these visiting bird photographers. They prove the point that there is so much beauty in Aruba and that such visiting bird photographers who make such a special effort to travel to Aruba for our birds may one day help stimulate nature conservation in Aruba.

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