John & Janice DeClute, from Canada, Revisit Divi after 40 Years

Eagle Beach — The DeClutes are no ordinary guests. Forty years ago they honeymooned in Aruba, at the Divi Divi Beach Hotel, which heralded four decades of career, family and business success.

“We wanted to do something special for our 40th wedding anniversary and thought we should go back to where it all started,” they say.
When making a room reservation with Divi Mega All Inclusive they mentioned their special history with the place and reservations manager Lisa Cusson then decided to pull all stops, upgrading their accommodations and asking Francis Ridderstap to meet, greet and host the couple throughout their stay, in grand VIP style.
Needless to say, the DeClutes were surprised and very pleased with the reception, also grateful for the in-room amenities, and have been busy taking in the sights and experiencing the island to the fullest.
“Lots has changed,” says Janice, “but the spirit and the people and the mood at the resort remained the same; they are all blessed with ever-present friendliness and genuine hospitality.”
Some of the DeClutes fondest memories from four decades ago include walking to Oranjestad at night for dinner in order to save the taxi fare, and attending a time-share sales presentation at the not-yet-built Aruba Beach Club, where they enjoyed a delicious pork chop dinner, in exchange for their time. No, they did not buy then, $1,700 seemed a lot of money for a not-yet-built property, and it’s a decision they sometimes regret!
Pleased to have visited Aruba once again, the DeClutes promise to return, next time with their three grown sons, for a family vacation, even if it takes them another forty years to get here, they say.