Raymond Maduro on Management Leadership Conference

The Management Leadership Conference given by Raymond Maduro is in high demand, and is therefore offered again on July 11 and 18 for a two-session series.

The conference materials  are deeply rooted in Aruban culture and the way of doing business here, and teaches upcoming managers and local leaders to work smarter and more effectively while leading their teams through the jungle of politics in business and challenging organizational behavior.

Leaders, explains Maduro should conduct the orchestra, not play the instruments. They must perfect the art of motivating their people, not shouldering all tasks themselves. Managers must learn to resist temptation to do it all, delegating within their organization and overseeing the implementation of processes, leading to desired results.

The Management Leadership Conference is scheduled just once this year as Maduro is increasingly busy advising a number of successful corporations and businesses, locally and internationally.

Aruba’s business culture is unique, Maduro reiterates, conferences coming from abroad bring American know-how, yet the true-blue Aruban management leadership conference is specific to our business climate, its context and principles anchored in our local setting.

You are invited to join the conference, learning new concepts and conducts, validate those you already know, and refresh those you have forgotten!

The conference takes place at the Fantastic Gardens conference room.

Dress is casual and relaxed and the price for the two sessions is $675,-.

Space is limited. Write to judithvrolijk@gmail.com, for information and registration.