Cas Bon Reveals Plans for The New Boegoeroei Residence

Noord– An exciting new project by Cas Bon NV was recently announced when the company made the purchase of terrain for the purpose of developing a brand new neighborhood targeting young professionals in our community. As potential land a homeowners, couples who have just started their life together, making a responsible and ambitious decision to invest in their first family home, will find Boegoeroei Residence the perfect choice.

The terrain in the Boegoeroei/Washington neighborhood, where the homes will be constructed, is centrally located  in the island’s preferred residential area. The footprint earmarked for construction faces away from the noise of traffic, yet enjoys easy access to various schools, shopping, hotels and home centers, banking and medical services.

The neighborhood is designed to welcome 28 homes, with superior infrastructure, as the streets, power and water lines, communication cables and drainage have been well thought-out and expertly planned.

The homes, currently on the drawing board, enjoy a modern and contemporary look & feel and are offered at different configurations, starting at just Awg 225,000. The various models named after Aruba’s popular trees, Kwihi, Kibrahacha, Dadel and Fofoti range is size from 96.2M2 to 121.3M2, allowing spacious bedrooms, and ample living spaces, indoor and outdoor.

The design of the homes has been entrusted to a local architect who fits the young professional profile, himself. Jouel Croes of Cast N.V. Architects contributes his understanding of the local culture and his fresh and dynamic life-experience in design and technology to the creation of a truly exceptional quality of life.

True to the desire of the Government of Aruba to become 100% green by 2020, contributing to the island’s sustainable development, Cas Bon is undertaking Boegoeroei Residence as a pilot project for Green Construction, making all the right steps to ensure that the homes comply with environmental principles and adhere to its protection.

Some of the special features introduced at Boegoeroei Residence include solid block and concrete construction, insulated windows, and well-insulated roofs.  Additionally, the developer is offering homeowner optional solar panel packages, water-recycling packages, energy-efficient appliances and inverter air-conditioning systems, at the time of purchase. These valuable options may be all rolled into the home mortgage payments via the bank.

A spokesperson for Cas Bon NV points out that this  unique feature of bundling options with mortgage payments is available exclusively for the green Boegoeroei Residence clients, and studies have shown that the investment in additional green features saves over time as much money as the investment itself.

As a matter of fact, Cas Bon NV has secured a strategic alliance with the island’s energy and water providers, WEB & ELMAR to promote SAVING TOGETHER, a joint effort of home owners and service providers to save energy and resources.

The new Boegoroei Residence conceived by the dynamic Croes family members, results in the beauty, quality, style, security, and convenience of the development, properly financed and well constructed, in strict adherence to budgets and time-tables.

Cas Bon NV, as a family owned corporation specializing in residential community development, by local investors for local families, with over 20 years of experience having developing more than ten residential communities including Bubali Villas, Surfside Villas, Sabana Villas, Villa Park Tanki Lendeert, Sero Blanco Villas Villas, and Paramira Villas, and for the visitors market, Gold Coast Aruba.