Aruba Bank introduces its Maestro Chip Card, with a new design, as you use your new card you will be contributing to the Aruban Foundation for the Mentally Handicapped

Aruba Bank is introducing its new, Maestro Chip Card, which will provide more security and convencience when used by clients in Aruba and/or abroad. Various countries around the world have already introduced Maestro cards with a security chip, and now Aruba is following this global technological development.

The chip displayed in the Aruba Bank Maestro Card contains a microprocessor, and the card also bears the familiar magnetic stripe, which is compatible with all existing ATM and pin systems. The Maestro Chip Card can now be used in all countries around the globe which have already introduced similar chip processors and magnetic stripes into their banking systems.

All of Aruba Bank’s clients who own a Maestro Card will receive a Maestro Chip Card via the mail. New clients who want to apply for an Aruba Bank Maestro Chip Card may fill in an application for the card via the bank’s website, or visit any of the Aruba Bank branches located around the island. The new card is free of charge and is simply another service designed to provide more security and more convenience when Aruba Bank’s clients buy purchases and services.

As it is introducing the new design of the Maestro Chip Card, Aruba Bank is also giving a donation to the local Foundation for the Mentally Handicapped, on behalf of all its clients who use their new card during the month of August, 2013. For one month, for each purchase made by clients which exceeds Afl. 100, Aruba Bank will make a donation of Afl. 0.25 to the Foundation for the Mentally Handicapped, an organization which does great work on behalf of people with special needs.

The foundation will use the donation to contribute to various affiliated organizations. Donations will be made on payments made at businesses through the POS systems, and are not applicable on cash withdrawals from an ATM.

The new Aruba Bank Maestro Chip Card is very easy to activate.  Clients may use the included instructions on how to activate their card. After you receive your card, you can use it at any ATM or any POS terminal in a store. Your pin number will not change when you receive your new card. After you have completed the transaction your new card will be activated and your old card will automatically be deactivated. Aruba Bank advises all of its clients to cut their old card in two, since they will no longer be able to use it.

The Aruba Bank Maestro Chip Card works at all ATM machines, in the same way that the old cards did.  When using the card in stores and other businesses, instead of swiping the card, the client or cashier will be asked to insert the card in the POS machine. The card will remain in the machine until the transaction is complete. For more information, visit the bank’s website at

Shop safely around the world using your Maestro Chip Card and contribute to a good cause during the month of August.