Aruba Bank Announces Good4TheNeighborhood 2013 G4N Back to the Roots!

ORANJESTAD, Aruba – September 11 2013: From its onset in 2010, the  Good4TheNeighborhood project by Aruba Bank has captured the attention of the entire Island community. The project turned out to be a complete success with every edition since.

Aruba Bank launched Good4TheNeighborhood 2013 during a kickoff event, in the presence of several secondary schools and left the door open for secondary schools that couldn’t be present, but were interested in participating, by asking them to reach out to the marketing department of Aruba Bank before Friday, September 13, 2013, via email at

For the 2013 edition of G4N all secondary grade students may participate in teams. Teams consist of 5 students and 2 teachers, entrusted with the guidance.

According to this year’s plan G4N 2013 is going Back to the Roots, and to understand the concept, a bit of historical overview is required.

The project was launched in 2010, and then in 2011, participants had to go back to their original plan, organize an event and complete the maintenance of their creation. In 2012, Aruba Bank launched the “Upgrade Your Bario” version of the concept which was also a resounding success, grabbing the attention of the entire community.

With Good4TheNeighborhood Back to the Roots, Aruba Bank is encouraging students to create a project that is a necessity to our community. The students may choose to renovate a public area in any neighborhood, from which the community will benefit, and Aruba Bank will contribute Awg. 5.000,- to cover the costs. In 2010, participating schools created different projects that were very creative, and for 2013, the community can once again expect some new, innovative and creative undertakings.

The objective of Aruba Bank’s Good4TheNeighborhood is to encourage students to work in teams, nurture leadership and creativity as well as show involvement in one or more projects that benefit the community.

With Good4TheNeighborhood, Aruba Bank is motivating and educating our community to write a plan, create a design and work with a budget. The bank is also encouraging students to be creative and work in groups so that they can present new projects in the name of the greater good.

Schools which want to register must hand in their budgets for the project before the 4th of October, 2013, just ahead of the October vacation begins. The execution of the projects themselves will start in the month of October and each school will have 3 weeks to conclude them. Good4TheNeighborhood 2013, was received with palpable enthusiasm so far and Aruba Bank is satisfied with the reaction that it saw, encouraging all schools that haven’t registered yet to do so, and not to miss out on this opportunity to contribute something wonderful to the community and win a fabulous prize for their learning institution.