RBC Royal Bank’s Art Rules Aruba is BACK and Celebrating 5 years!!

The educational arts program that took Aruba by storm in 2010, is now celebrating 5 years with an extravagant kick off party on July 5th 2014.

What started as a vision of Ira and Ayra Kip, Founders of Art Rules and directors of the Pancake Gallery Foundation has become Aruba’s biggest summer festival for hungry artistic teens to explore and train their artistic side.

With the help of loyal partners such as Aruba Airport Authority, Art Rules Aruba has since 2010 trained more than 700 individuals cultivating their artistic talents and skills. What the project has done is not only bring forward the needs of the youth, it has motivated numerous of Aruban teens to ether pursue a study in the Arts (currently there are more than 50 art rules alumni’s studying arts abroad) and inspire young people to become young professionals in their field.

This and other forms of entrepreneurship has allowed so many to get ether several side jobs as independent artists or present their art to the public in different settings. From exhibitions, albums launches to even a space in the short film corner of Cannes Film Festival in France, Art Rules Students are doing it big and they are doing it well! Showing the world how artistic and talented the youth of Aruba is and how much they have to offer in the global playing field of the Arts.

For the founders of the program it seems like it’s a mission accomplished however and “although we are happy with the results the challenge for us is to offer this to kids all over the world” according to co-founder Ayra Kip. It is this vision that has now transpired the expansion of the program with Curaçao making its first debut of Art Rules Curaçao on July 21st.

Kicking off the program in Otro Banda at La Tentashon and Luna Blou, Art Rules Curacao will start somewhat smaller offering 200 young aspiring teens the opportunity to work with both local and international top artists for 2 weeks, with of course, a final showcase at the end of the program.

Both islands have kicked off their application form online, with both islands having received over 40 applicants in the 1st week (with 8 weeks to go before deadline).

This year, Cas di Cultura will be the playground for Art Rules Aruba and host the whole program and all its classes and events for 2 weeks with the support of Da Vinci Academy next door. For kids who live in San Nicolas, Art Rules will once again provide bus transportation with the help of De Palm Tours, to take students to the Art Rules Headquarters every day.

If you are a lover of Arts or you know someone who loves the Arts, sign up now for one of the 250 spaces Art Rules Aruba has to offer in one of the disciplines including, DJ, Music & Performance, Dance, Theater, Culinary Arts, Fashion, Creative Media and this years bonus workshop Art Rules Junior, a special workshop created for 9-12 year olds.  For information on this years team of teachers, updates, news and more, visit www.artrulesaruba.com or facebook.com/artrulesaruba Twitter @artrulesU