Local artists Grace Rahusen makes a generous donation to Stichting Kinderhuis Imeldahof, Aruba.

In November, local artist Grace Rahusen held an exhibition of her work at the Frame Shop, on Italianstraat.

The gallery displayed her colorful work for a full month, and many of the canvases went to local and international collectors of contemporary art.

At the opening party, the artist generously promised to donate a percentage of sales to Stichting Kinderhuis Imeldahof, Aruba, a foster home organization for children of troubled families. Recently, Dynia Abath-Muller, the director of the home accepted a check from the artist.

“I will definitely give a donation like this again,” says Grace,” when I have my next exhibition here, the recipient of the funds will perhaps be another children’s charity.”

And Grace reveals that one of her collectors, even added another 10% to the price of the painting, earmarking even more money to charity.

The exhibition title Treasure – A Fusion of Art, both Historical and Contemporary, was Grace’s 4th solo show.

The collection was surprisingly different from her previous work, and showed an evolutionary process of colorful and vibrant abstract pieces, building on her past achievements such as in Seascapes and Horizons & Landscapes.

The artist incorporated some ancient Indians symbols in her work carefully layering them with contemporary designs and beautiful color combinations, drawing attention to the human ability to create art despite the ongoing digital migration.

Grace’s spontaneity as expressed in color is fueled by her own heart. The richness of vibrant colors and her feeling for harmonious shapes can be observed in each of her paintings, which allows them to achieve great artistic appeal.