Immortalize Life’s Most Memorable Moments in Crystal

Palm Beach — Christiane Dupuis had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur in Aruba! She fell in love with the island many years ago and wanted to create a product that reflects the beauty of Aruba, a product of universal appeal that could be marketed here to locals and visitors.  

She found what she was looking for in crystals and has been working to make her dream come true ever since. Christine now shares her love for Aruba by immortalizing life’s most memorable moments in a very special way, in the highest quality glass available.

Today, Christina’s company offers elegant crystals, which are carefully engraved with a  cherished photograph in 2D or 3D to personalize a souvenir or a gift which only takes a few minutes to create, thanks to an amazing precise laser engraving capabilities.

Operating on the island, the company offers a wide selection of customized crystals gifts in all price ranges for different occasions such as: graduation, wedding, memorial, birth, anniversary or to capture a special moment and bring it to life.

To introduce her crystals to wider and more diverse audiences a memorabilia exhibition at Caribbean Queen on Friday, March 28th, from 7pm, to 10pm, at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall, will afford visitors and tourist a firsthand experience.

Christina reports that her goal is to deliver a superior product, laid out by experienced graphic designers, who work meticulously with photographs, images and text, to create the most elegant product possible.

Working with great dedication and trust, Christine company makes a commitment to excel at production, delivery and customer service.

To engrave a 2D or 3D photographs, she explains, her designers begin to load a standard image through the company’s website, camera or scanner. Then the designers begin to process the image with the software and customize it with the client’s specific requirements. The software controls the laser and imprints high frequency pulses of light into the crystal. That’s how the image appears. Precise control throughout the process allows the creation of 3D sculptures inside the glass without scratching it. 
When a client finally receives the elegant 3D best quality optical crystal, the product maintains its durability for a lifetime. 

You may chose a flat postcard crystal, small or large crystal cubes, small or large heart-shaped or trophy iceberg-shaped crystals, with or without a glowing light at the base, necklaces, and key chains.

Meet Christiane Dupuis, President, Nalev Enterprises V.B.A., Aruba, and her associates at Caribbean Queen, Palm Beach Plaza Mall, or go to the web site for more information.