World Tourism Day 2011 Commemorated at La Cabana

The Green, Health & Safety Committee took it upon itself to organize an interesting and educational World Tourism Day 2011 at La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club.

The heart of the celebration revolved around the Chit Chat Cafeteria, says Rosanne Roy, Associate Relations Manager. Additionally, the Activities Department of the resort scheduled a slew of entertaining events for guests, inspired by this year’s theme “Tourism – Linking Cultures.”

In accordance to the theme, the Chit Chat Cafeteria lunch menu presented a blend of different specialties hailing from Haiti, the Philippines, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Curacao and Aruba, with the matching county flags, national costumes and music, creating a true cultural buffet.

Associates dressed up in their national colors, some of them also enjoyed being dressed as tourists, playing at being visitors, over their lunch break.

A very special American flag was on display during lunch, borrowed for a few hours from M/M Thomas Worms, of Rockland County, NY. The flag and bandanas attached, commemorate relatives and friends, victim of the 9/11 terrorist attack, on the Twin Towers in NY. The Worms who own a timeshare unit at the resort since 1993, have been coming to Aruba faithfully ever since. They always tour the island in their rental car with the American and Aruban flag flying in the wind.

According to the official WTD announcement by the United Nations: Thanks to tourism, millions of people from different cultures are being brought together around the world like never before, this interaction between people of different backgrounds & ways of life represents an enormous opportunity to advance tolerance, respect & mutual understanding.