With attractive packages and tours Unique Package Plan invites you to experience the magic of Suriname

Unique Package Plan has just recently introduced its services in Suriname, offering visitors a unique opportunity to tour and experience the South American country. Under the guidance of seasoned tourism executive Cornelly Markiet, visitors can choose between a variety of day or multi-day tours, allowing them to experience the true spirit, culture and beauty of Suriname.

With the day tours, visitors can choose between activities that range from relaxing to adventurous, with city tours, river cruises and exciting rainforest explorations offering something for everyone.  Those who would like to experience even more of the country can opt for one of the multi-day tours, with stays at jungle lodges or nature resorts located in the middle of the Surinamese rainforests. Beautiful waterfalls, giant sea turtles, river dolphins and breathtaking views are just some of the highlights that you’ll see during the tours, while the opportunity to meet with Trip and Wajana Indian tribe members will surely prove to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Aside from its unforgettable tours led by Cornelly herself, Unique Package Plan would also be happy to help you arrange your accommodations in Suriname, having developed close relationships with hotels, guesthouses and apartments located in Paramaribo and around the country. A variety of prices means that visitors will find the perfect accommodations to fit their budget.

With Unique Package Plan’s amazing tours and Surinam Airways offering direct flights between Aruba and Paramaribo, it has never been easier to explore Suriname. For more information, or to plan your next visit, call (00 597) 8594024 or send an email to agent@uniquepackageplan.com. You can also visit www.uniquepackageplan.com to check out Unique Package Plan’s exciting tours and packages.

Pictured here Cornelly in the jungle with Surinam natives.