Wine Rating at Ventanas del Mar

The Arion Wine Club members of Ventanas del Mar Restaurant, all of them consummate wine & food lovers, gathered around the community table on the terrace overlooking the California Lighthouse and the golf course to attempt to crack the secret codes of wine rating!

In the past, wine rating was the domain of just a few, Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate and the Wine Spectator Magazine, but today, ratings are abundant and a do-it-yourself approach can be very helpful, the wine experts of the Arion Wine Company, advise.

The restaurant’s culinary team devised a “Relax, Chill and Unwind” menu, to go with a series of interesting wines picked by Joost Röben.

On the menu, a Vitello Tonnato, which was paired with Veramonte Reserve Sauvignon Blanc, Casablanca Valley Chile. The first appetizer followed another, Smoked Trout, escorted by Domaine Gerard Neumeyer Riesling, Les Hospices Alsace, France. The dining room staff then delivered a delicious Venison Pate, which complemented the Marsannay, Louis Latour, from Burgundy France. The main course, everyone’s favorite, Chicken Parmesan, went very well with the Hogue Cellars Genesis Merlot, Colombia Valley, Washington State. For dessert, Relax Riesling, from the Mosel Valley in Germany made its debut chasing the Peach Melba for a perfect, uncomplicated, and fruity finish.

During dinner, party goers learned how wine is rated based on various methods,  the first and most famous one based on the 100 point system introduced in 1978 by Robert Parker and made famous by Wine Spectator.

Other ratings included that of the Wall Street Journal and the Michelin Restaurant Guides ratings were discussed, yet at the end, the members of the Wine Club agreed that they’d rather drink wine than discuss it, trusting that the Arion Wine Company will deliver a pleasant surprise each month for the next  much-enjoyed evening at Ventanas del Mar.