White Modern Cuisine Now Open at the Palm beach Plaza Mall

Chef Urvin Croes is proud to introduce White, Modern Cuisine, his own contemporary eatery, unveiled on February 1st at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall.

The creative and innovative Aruban-born Chef was trained in the Netherlands and in Italy, enjoying a solid career since
Upon his return to the island Chef Urvin joined the culinary artists at Windows on Aruba, to further perfect his art. He also contributed his talent and energy to the successful launch of Amuse Bistro, Playa Linda Beach Resort, as that the minute he finished culinary school, winning gastronomic awards, and working in fine establishments including the Michelin starred Grand Hotel Karel V, in Utrecht Holland.

restaurant’s Sous-Chef. At the pivotal moment in his career, he spread his wings to open his own restaurant, White, promoting the harmony between food and wine, balancing quality and flavor, in their purest form.

White welcomes visitors to the second floor of the Palm Beach Plaza Mall featuring a stylish air-conditioned dining room, and an airy terrace lounge serving retro and contemporary cocktails, paired with an original lounge menu.

The restaurant menu, conceived and presented by Chef Urvin includes hot and cold appetizers, land and sea dishes and desserts served in a relaxed pace, an enjoyable culinary journey rather than just rushed dinner!

The all-white dining room has a young and eager staff, ready to guide patrons through a sensual experience of sight, smell, and taste, with delightful, novel presentations of all-star favorites.

On the menu: Pan fried Duck with crispy rice, orange, and apple compote, cucumbers, hoisin and maple glaze; Steak Basket, tenderloin with braised onions, French fries, salad with pink dressing and veal sauce; Caramel and rum mousse with caramelized bananas and arequipe; Passion fruit mojito with passion fruit caviar, and Chef Urvin is his kitchen theater. White is open from 6pm to 11pm.