Westin Aruba Art Gallery presents Converging Styles

Twenty-three different artists from Aruba and four from the Netherlands are currently showing their work at the Westin Gallery, as a preview for the upcoming 6th annual Wine, Food & Art Festival.

In former years the exposition theme was always wine and food related, however this year the curator opted for free input, resulting in a colorful and varied show that will remain on display at the gallery to June 25th.

During the Wine, Food & Art Festival unfolding June 3rd to 5th, more pieces of these artists will be available for viewing and sale in the halls, corridors and ballroom of the resort.

At the opening of Converging Styles, on Saturday, Zahira Zaandam, of the Department of Culture remarked in her welcome address that art is a powerful communication vehicle, and a way to transmit visions and ideas which often lie beyond the capacity of words.

The excellent exposition was made possible thanks to the Westin Aruba Resort, collaborating with The Aruba Art and Management Consultancy, aiming to promote local artists.

Among artists on display, from Aruba: Mo Mohamed, Marian Abath, Stan Kuiperi, Lara Kuiperi, Elisa Lejuez-Peters, Irene Peterson, Elvis Tromp, Francis Escalona, Rosalie Klein, Marco van Esdonk, Anjo Rotteveel, Joseph Miklojcik, Frank Croes, Mirian De L’Isle, Edmond Tujeehut, Belinda de Veer, Annemiek van Vliet, Grace Ashruf Rahusen, Evelino Fingal, Jeanne Ecury and show curator Eefje van der Straten van Twillert.

From the Netherlands, JanHein Van Stiphout, Douwe Van Twilert, Ro Heilborn and Joannah Dryter Innemee.

The exposition includes a special Wine Bottle Art section, which is fun, and easy to pack as a souvenir from the Wine, Food & Art festival.

The gallery is open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and the admission to the show is free.