Voyages TV on Aruba


A creative crew from Voyages TV is on the island filming programs for the online community catering to consumers whose shared interest is luxury travel. Voyages TV’s focus is exclusively on the discerning consumer with an above average income, education and comfort with technology and thus an important segment for advertisers.

The Voyages TV visiting Aruba consists of Travel Educator Lynn Parramore, Voyages TV producer/director Suzanne Paxton, sound man Ethan Goldberger and camera man Alexis Boiling. The crew staying at the Divi Phoenix has been shooting footage around the island, having enjoyed lunch at Ventanas del Mar, dinner at Gasparito, a sea-side massage at Spa Del Sol, and just one spectacular sunset, it was a bit cloudy and it drizzled Saturday, they report.

Voyages, explains Parramore recognizes that a traveler’s evaluation of a destination depends on information that is more than a list of to-dos and amenities, thus her well-vetted, independent recommendations are key to attracting the elite consumer.

Lynn’s “word-of mouth”  Signature Series will be offered in April on as high-quality video programming, as a kind of luxury destination guide, combined with a state-of-the-art booking engine.

This unique mix of features brings a combination of expertise, engagement and convenience to Voyages TV members, that no other on-line travel site offers.

Headquartered in New York, Voyages is funded by leading venture capital firm Syncom Partners and La Macchia Enterprises, a multi-billion-dollar travel and technology group. The seasoned Voyages management team has extensive experience in leading luxury, travel, media and on-line companies – including HBO, NBC, American Airlines, Starwood Resorts, Bacardi Martini, and TUI AG.

Pictured here Voyages TV relaxing between shots, at the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa.