Visual Artist Desiree Rep-Sporkslede Shows at Caribbean Queen

Palm Beach – The Caribbean Queen store at the Palm Beach Plaza Mall introduced its Caribbean Queen for the month of April just recently. She is a multi-facetic Visual Artist, Art Professor, Marketing Manager, and the Director of Aruba Art au Plateau Foundation, Desiree Rep-Sporkslede.

Desiree was inspired by Earth Day and the need to instill awareness and appreciation of the earth’s environment,  consequently, April’s Caribbean Queen speaks a “green language,” wishing to teach it to the rest of the world.

For her unique show she gathered all unwanted and discarded items from her household, and used the materials she ferreted away, recycling them and creating new objects, now on display at the store.

Some of the items on display are retro recycled jewelry-pieces made of old porcelain electric sockets and handblown beads. Titled Action for Figures, they combine recycled elements and new hand-made beads from Terrafuse, a local ceramic workshop. Desiree’s Action for Figures incorporate traditional fuses retired from the power plant and familiar elements in porcelain, glass and stainless steel, held together by durable, taupe parachute cord.

I was thinking about Joe Cocker and Unchain my Hear as I was making these, Desiree muses, music inspires my creatovity including Guess Who by BB King and the ever-so-powerful, Come on baby light my fire, by The Doors. The ornaments resulting from this tsunami of creativity are unique, and boast an added cute finish in the back of the neck, some are even embellished with a red rainforest good-luck seed from Surinam, a country which Desiree traces her roots to.

Some other showstoppers explore the humor in the insanity of women, when it comes to bags, shoes, luxury brand names, and the craze of totting a small dog as an accessory. In her pieces Barbie Bag and Black Clog, she presents her own view on the fads and trends that drive the fashion industry. Watch out Louis Vuitton we’re talking about you!!

Additionally her RED recycled plastic toy assemblage, available in green, yellow and blue, are all gift sized, ready to be packed and travelled with. They provide Desiree’s commentary on our cluttered lifestyle, filled with items we don’t really need!

With dozens of exhibitions and art projects to her credit in Aruba, Curaçao, and the Netherlands, Desiree Rep-Sporkslede takes the spotlight again as her collection is featured at Caribbean Queen for the whole month of April.