Tiara Air introduces two new captains

The New Captains
The New Captains

Tiara Air was proud to introduce Jeffrey Deswert & Fernando Gomes, as the company’s new captains, having completed their formal certification just recently

In addition to Captain Deswert and Captain Gomes, the company welcomed back

First Officer Raoel Wijngaarde & First Officer T.J. Ahlip, who have successfully passed their Air Transport Pilot License, written examination, which is the first step towards future promotion to Captain.

The celebration took place at the headquarters of Tiara Air in Wayaca, in the presence of the airline’s Managing Directors, Alejandro Muyale and Raymond Maduro, also Accountable Manager Hubert Zievinger, Commercial, Sales and Marketing Director Camilo Muyale and Chief Pilot Tyron De Kort.

Captain Fernando Jose Gomes joined Tiara Air as First Officer in September 2005.  He trained on the Shorts SD3-60 with Flight Safety in LaGuardia New York in October 2005. On the March 1st, 2006 he was one of only three Co-Pilots operating for the just-born Tiara Air.  He distinguished himself as an individual with great potential as a future Captain when he went to LaGuardia New York in April 2007 for the re-current training. On May 1st, 2008, on his 28th birthday, Gomes flew out of Aruba to begin the long and demanding training process to become Captain. He returned to Aruba on July 31st, 2008, 3 months after his departure, as a fully trained and competent aircraft commander fulfilling both his personal and his family’s dreams.

Captain Jeffrey John Deswert joined Tiara Air as a First Officer in late 2006.  He had been a “Lead Mechanic” with Air Aruba but his ambition has always been to fly the aircraft that he serviced and maintained.  After his training on the Shorts SD3-60 aircraft with Flight Safety LaGuardia New York he returned to Aruba as a fully trained First Officer. He continued to keep his skills as an Aircraft and Power Plant Mechanic fresh by occasionally also working on the same aircraft that he flew for Tiara Air as Co-Pilot. Tiara Air’s Director of Flight Operations, Stuart Hewlett-Clarke noted during several consecutive regular flight checks that Jeffrey had great potential as a future Captain.  On  May 1st,  2008, Deswert joined Gomes on the flight out of Aruba to the USA to begin his upgrade training. He returned on the same day to Aruba, on July 31st, 2008, to join his colleagues as a newly qualified Captain.

First Officer Raoul Wijngaarde and First Officer T.J. Ahlip recently left Aruba together to travel to Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA to study for their Air Transport Pilot License written examination. They returned on Saturday 16th having both passed this difficult challenge and having now taken their first step up the ladder of promotion to Captain.

Tiara Air Managing Directors and all other members of management and staff congratulate these four high-achievers on their professional accomplishments and on their tremendous contributions to the growth and development of Tiara Air.