T.H.Palm & Company Helps Repair the World

TH Palm & Company

During the holiday shopping season T.H. Palm & Company a gorgeous island gift store on Palm Beach, unveiled its Tikkun Olam menu which translates as a Repair of the World menu.

By means of the menu the store, affiliated to Salamander Holdings NV, announced that it was going to make quarterly donations to some of the island’s tireless not-for-profit foundations and that shoppers would help select the charities by designating the percentage of the sale to their most-favorite community cause.

The response was very positive as all of T.H. Palm & Company shoppers were asked by the cashiers to decide where the T.H. Palm & Company donation should go.

As a result of that combined effort, sizeable checks were handed this week to representatives of charities, right on the steps of the store, facing the boulevard.

“Thank you,” said owner, Managing Director Jodi Tobman, as the checks were handed out, “for making Aruba a better place through your selfless community work.”

Tobman came up with the Tikkun Olam menu borrowing from the kabbalah. In Hebrew, Tikkun Olam means “repairing the world” or “perfecting the world.”

The concept of Tikkun Olam originated more than a Millennium ago. The concept was given new meaning in the kabbalah of the medieval period and further charitable connotations in modern times.

The money raised by means of the Tikkun Olam menu will help maintain the youth telephone help line. It will assist refurbishing the children’s home at Imeldahof, and pay for nursing and hospice services at home for people battling cancer in its last stages; it will also pay print information leaflets on domestic violence and support cancer patients in general on the island.

A champagne toast was also offered on the occasion with some of T.H. Palm & Company hard-working staff members, the Salamander Holdings Executive Team and representatives of the not-for-profit foundations, celebrating a successful fund-raising season with Telefon pa Hubentud, the youth telephone help line, Imeldahof Children’s Home, Edmund E. Harms hospice Foundation, Foundation Pa Hende Muhe den Dificultad which is dedicated to helping women in difficulty, and Koningin Wihelmina Fonds, Queen Wilhelmina Cancer Fund.