The Volvo Group tours the Salamander Group Stores

Over 130 guests staying at the Hyatt Regency for a week of fun in the sun,  all working for Volvo Financial Services within the US and Canada, were invited for a fun shopping tour as part of their island program, starting at The Coconut Trading Co. at The Palm Beach Village Mall, over Mimosas and local snacks.

The tour took off on foot, arriving at the second stop, The Lazy Lizard at the South Beach Center, where group members lingered longer over more drinks and Dutch snacks, which sustained them on their track to the third location, T.H. Palm & Company at Playa Linda Beach Resort, and from there just a hop and a skip to the last shopping opportunities at The Juggling Fish and The Juggling Fish swimwear store, both on the boardwalk.

A percentage of all sales from this particular group was designated for the Edmund Harms Hospice Foundation, through the Salamander Group’s Tikkun Olam program, design to repair the world via charity and community involvement.

The fun shopping tour went at a leisurely pace, and was enjoyed by all, as witnessed by our snapshot.