The Talented Pasta e Basta Singers Performed at Tierra del Sol

A unique evening of magical music, spectacular décor and gourmet food was experienced at Tierra del Sol, when the singing stars of Pasta e Basta, performed there on the previous weekend.

Pasta e Basta is an Amsterdam landmark, a famed restaurant where the dining room staff entertains patrons with a great selection of songs including classical music, romantic ballads, pop songs, and contemporary dance music, combining the world’s most beautiful songs with delicious food.

Pasta e Basta entertained royalty, international movie stars and fashion celebrities in Amsterdam and also an enthusiastic Aruban crowd, for a two night limited engagement at Tierra del Sol.

The club house culinary team prepared a sumptuous Italian buffet to go with the spectacular Venice décor, combined with an open bar as five of Pasta e Basta’s top stars, Joes Boonen, Jolijn Middelhoff, Ann-Marie van den Aarsen, Kim Stutterheim, and Idol star David Concalves, sang and danced right into the audience’s heart, delivering a rich and diverse repertory, an enchanting, interactive musical program.

The stars of Pasta e Basta tour Curacao every year and are always well received, by our neighboring island. They will return soon, the promise for another unforgettable tour.