The Security Department Hosts a Special Luncheon

The associates of La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club enjoy a monthly event in the cafeteria, a themed luncheon, hosted by a different resort department each month. With each of the organizing teams trying to outdo the other, the Security Department faced a real challenge, namely how to entertain and educate colleagues over lunch, as their turn to host the themed luncheon was approaching.

In response to current affairs they decided to invite a special dignitary, the Minister of Justice and Education, Arthur Dowers. They kept his planned surprise appearance under cover for fear that affairs of the state will keep him away. However on the designated day, the plan came to fruition and the government official marched into the Sit and Char Café at noon, greeting the resort associates, mingling with members of management and showing great interest in the resort’s Safety and Health procedures, as handled by the Security Department, many of them certified first responders, EMS, EMTs and paramedics.

The minister’s visit to La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club was very well received, and much-appreciated. Pictured here, snapshots of the interactive afternoon.