The Salamander King Pins Enjoy a Memorable Bowling Outing

Palm Beach – The associates of the Salamander Group, enjoyed team spirit and joyous camaraderie at a fun bowling session at Dream Bowl, Palm Beach Plaza Mall.
The bowling outing was organized by Managing Director Jodi Tobman who reports her staffers were bowling in each other’s lane, often, and sometimes, they did not even hit a single pin, landing in the gutters, but what they lacked in bowling skills they made up in laughter, dancing, and encouragement or consolation hugs, as the evening went on, fueled by delicious snacks and cocktails.
Prizes for the top 3 scores were awarded. The top score belonged to Del de Guzman the supervisor of Caribbean Queen who became the Queen of the Salamander Bowling Kingpins. As for the second and third place opinions are divided. Nibbling and sipping the Salamander King Pins sometimes forgot to record all scores, a sure sign they had a ball.
The Salamander Holdings NV stores include: T.H. Palm & Company, The Coconut Trading Co., The Lazy Lizard, The Juggling Fish, Caribbean Queen, and Caribbean Clothing Co.