The Radisson makes a book donation at Colegio San Hose

A short ceremony marked the donation of Kaylee, Reina di Carnaval, a children’s book written in the Papiamento language, to seventy-five  4th grade kids at Colegio San Hose.The book was penned by author and educator Denise de Jongh-Rekwest. The resort supported the book publication by pledging 200 copies to local schools. Written about children’s etiquette, norms and values, the book teaches children about proper behavior at the movies, in a restaurant, among their peers and among adults, including on parade during the Carnaval season. Previous publications by the same author tackled the proper behavior of children on vacation, in an airplane and even at summer camp. The Radisson’s commitment to education made the donation to the schools possible, reaching more children in the elementary education system.