The PwC PAC team, garners praise for their creativity!

The new PwC PAC-Team, including Julieta van der Biezen,   Herrick Henriquez,  Giardino Marchena and Geert Weber received kudos for orchestrating an excellent event, merging festivities for Easter and Queen’s Birthday into one successful Hoopla, enjoyed by all PWC colleagues.
The PAC team in charge of activities and team spirit concocted the “Pre Queen’s Birthday – After Easter Egg Hunt” as an outing to the park across the street from PWC’s headquarters in town, and a watering stop at Café Chaos Aruba.
Aruba Party Animals helped set the tone for the wacky afternoon of egg-hunting in the lush and jungle-like Wilhelmina Park in which Rachel Maduro collected most eggs, Gillian Spellen pick up the Golden Egg with a weekend stay gift certificate inside, Anthony Martin uncovered the Silver Egg with a dinner for two gift certificate inside, and Paula Landwier, found no eggs at all, but received a consolation prize anyway!

PWC colleagues then compared Egg Hunting techniques over cocktails at Café Chaos Aruba. They are pictured here enjoying camaraderie in an informal setting.