The PTFSA building is showing great progress

DSC00247The PTFSA, Pension Fund Tourism Sector Aruba building on Sasakiweg is showing great construction progress, and the builders have just announced that shortly they will be topping the roof in a traditional Spantenbier ceremony.

The new public building, says Sanaa Baroud, PTFSA Executive Director, has 1,400 m2 available for rent and the PTFSA is looking for a serious long term tenant to occupy the space.

Pension Fund Tourism Sector Aruba has planned a modern facility in the area of the hospital with easy parking facing Sasakiweg for convenient access. The three sections of 350 square meters each will be occupied both downstairs and upstairs and will become an established business center as soon as the building opens on November 15, 2009.

The attractive construction sign on the building refers interested parties to Tel.: 588 2290 and 582 4499 for additional information.