The Pension Fund conducts a General Meeting

The Pension Fund Tourism Sector general meeting
The Pension Fund Tourism Sector general meeting

The Pension Fund Tourism Sector Aruba held a General Assembly meeting on Wednesday, at the Radisson Aruba Resort, Casino & Spa.

The meeting’s agenda put together by Managing Director Sanaa Bergen included the approval of the minutes of last year’s General Assembly, a warm welcome to new companies joining the fund, a review of the articles of incorporation, highlights of the fund’s financial performance, an outline of the objectives for 2008/09, and the honoring of the pioneers and contributors to the visionary creation of PFTSA.

The PFTSA board members list, explains Bergen, features many pillars of Aruba’s tourism industry including key Finance, Human Resources, Business and Labor leaders represented by Ben Marapin, Glenn Farro, Rudy Geerman, Anselmo Pontilius, Nathaly Wouters, Ton Koolman, Paul Vandormael, Valerie Pietersz-Camacho, Lisette Mohamed and Ann Brinkman.

During the General Assembly, the PFTSA also reported that a number of important local companies joined the pension fund this year among them Grobo NV, Hertz, Keppel Entertainment, Occidental Resort & Casino, Oranjestad Laundry, Romite NV, Penha, TEC INC and Divi Links.

Overall, the PFTSA, compliant with guidelines of the Central Bank of Aruba showed off a very healthy balance sheet in regards to its net income, investment income, assets and membership, which grew 13% over the past year.

As for future developments, the community may expect an increase in the number of mortgages granted and financed by the PFTSA, also on line access and a continuous growth in membership.

The PFTSA, says Bergen is committed to become the number one choice of employers and employees for the execution of their retirement plans.

At the end of the informative General Assembly, the PFTSA honored industry pioneers among them Hotelier Ed Malone, Labor Leader Anselmo Pontilius, Tourism Expert Rory Arends, Businessman Harold Malmberg, Finance & Tax Expert Angel Bermudez, Advisor John Merryweather, Businessman Willie Kremer and Economist Ben Marapin for their historical contributions to the pension fund, a first of its kind in the industry.