The Palm Beach Plaza unveils its billboard

DSC0181The Palm Beach Plaza currently in the last phase of construction recently unveiled its interim billboard, giving the much anticipated complex its official identity.

The message on the billboard, says developer Ash Ramchandani, is a simple one.

It is made up of two equally true statements focusing before all else on the wondrous island we live on, and Aruba’s #1 attraction, which is the beach

Nothing could be truer, Ash explains. Many thousands of visitors have said those same words as their planes turn to land at the Reina Beatrix airport.

When visitors look out their windows, they can see crystal clear waters sprinkled by swimmers and boats. This is without a doubt the purest visual statement about the island’s number one attraction.

“Aruba’s number two attraction,” Ash adds, “the Palm Beach Plaza, is opening soon, and that is the exact message the billboard conveys, in simple white on black lettering.”

Something magical happened many millions of years ago, in the Caribbean when the island’s beaches were formed and something equally fantastic is taking shape right before our eyes — the final touch, the interior design phase of the southern Caribbean’s largest shopping plaza.

“We look forward,” Ash concludes, “to establishing a new benchmark for shopping, a fresh, higher bar for dining and entertainment.  We will be there for our clients during the day as well as in the evenings.  If the beaches are number one, then we are proud to be number two,” he states.