The Occidental Grand supports community projects

dsc08202.JPGThe Occidental Grand Resort set up a field kitchen in support of the Fiesta Rotaria this past weekend in the parking lot of the Talk of the Town hotel.

The 28th annual Fiesta Rotaria raises much-needed funds for community projects relying on the willing cooperation of the business community.

When approached by Rotarian Alex Nieuwmeyer, he is the Managing Director of Divi Resorts, to join the initiative General Manager Jesus Cardoso did not hesitate and immediately recruited Casino Manager Wilfred Trimon and Fun Club Director Omar Chavez, to help

The Occidental Grand Resort operated a most-successful food tent selling as many as 500 meals at an attractive price, donating all the money raised Sunday to charity.

Pictured here, the Occidental Grand Resort serving the community and having a good time in the process.