The Munars and the Hollborns Honored at Caribbean Palm Village Resort

Noord – The Caribbean Palm Village Resort is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year honoring members who purchased timeshare units in 1987, as the quaint charming resort in Noord was still under construction.

Fernando & Martha Serrano Munar purchased their timeshare unit on December 10th 1987, and return in 1988 to enjoy their investment. From Bucaramanga, Colombia, they got married on December 5th, 1987, and immediately came here on their honeymoon, arriving on the island on December 8th, 25 years ago. They were invited to tour the Caribbean Palm Village Resort property, bought their unit, and have been enjoying it ever since, with their family members.
Richard & Nancy Hollborn were also honored at the resort, this week. They came to Aruba three consecutive years before Caribbean Palm Village Resort was even constructed. Having made the purchase of a time share unit, they had been coming faithfully every year for the past quarter of a century! From Long Island, NY, the Hollborns have introduced Aruba to their family members. They enjoy the people of Aruba, they explain, and love to share the destination with their friends.

The informal honoring ceremony, at the fun, weekly manager’s cocktail party was animated by members of management and Scabeche restaurant with a Conga line fueled by Tequila, as pictured here, with all attending guests having a blast.

Board member Ed Hayes and Dan Maloof joined interim manager Astrid Muller and treasurer of the board Randy Croes for a photo opportunity, with their distinguished guests.