The Kitchen is Now Open

A gourmet kitchen where delicious food is cooked to order for fresh take out, just opened at the Mega Mall under the simple name, The Kitchen Aruba.

Chef Sander who made the wood fired grill at Yemanja restaurant famous, spread his wings and opened his own kitchen where he serves just-made dishes, cooked while patrons are watching. The daily menu changes to feature his specialties including Mixed Grill, Tenderloin Stroganoff, Shrimp Thermidor, Chicken Breast glazed with honey-mustard, Groper Gratin in white wine, Teriyaki Chicken, Chicken Fettuccini, and interesting starters such as onion soup, tomato beef soup, chicken salad, grilled veggie salad, freshly made sushi rolls, and assorted desserts such as home-made-from-scratch Belgian Choco-mousse, and more.

You may buy a bottle of wine or Champagne at the food store bodega, to go with your meal.

Chef Sander who built the restaurant himself is proud of his creation, a one of a kind food store, with the freshest ingredients, being cooked a la minute, in a state of the art kitchen.

Check it out anytime, at the Mega Mall, Oranjestad, just behind Delifrance.

The place is designed to cater to visitors who wish to buy quality meals, and enjoy them in their own hotel room, and for busy locals who want to upgrade their daily meal experience with some of chef Sander delectable combinations to go.