The Crystal & Seaport Casinos Celebrate Long Term Commitments

A festive gathering at the Renaissance Convention Center marked the anniversaries of casino employees, celebrating career milestones during the last quarter of 2009 while working for the popular and elegant Crystal Casino and the informal and fun Seaport Casino. Manager Edgard Roos who celebrated his own 20th anniversary with the casinos this past December had the distinct honor to share the occasion with other members of management praising his team’s long term commitment to hospitality and loyalty to the Renaissance properties in the heart of town.

Among those celebrating the 5 year career mark Elizabeth Monsanto, Seaport Beverage; Victor de Cuba, Crystal Slot & Change; Astrid Helder, Seaport Operation and Nayla Illis, Seaport Cage. Among those celebrating the 10 year career mark Roland Jacobs, Crystal Slot & Change; Seferino Carolina, Crystal Operation and Evelyn Hoek-Peternella, Crystal Operation. Among those celebrating the 15 year career mark Mirtha Willems, Crystal Cage; Alicia Tham, Seaport Operation and Chudetha Felipie, Crystal Operation.

Pictured here Roos with his dedicated team at the Renaissance Convention Center party.