The Coconut Trading Co. opens at the Village Mall

Opening CTC (6)Friends and clients joined Salamander Holdings managing director Jodi Tobman and her staff for the elegant and congenial opening of the The Coconut Trading Co., at the Village Mall on Palm Beach, paired with a holiday gift preview over sweet indulgences.

Salamander Holdings was celebrating the opening of its new flagship store The Coconut Trading Co., on the eve of the company’s 15th anniversary.

As the gift guru found the perfect gift for everyone, a nice gathering of guests oohed & ahhed over luscious Baileys Irish Cream, courtesy of Romar Trading and decadent classic French desserts, by the pastry chef of Papillion Restaurant.

In her short but sweet welcome remarks Jodi thanked her dedicated staff for all their efforts and took pleasure in announcing that The Coconut Trading Co. will join hands with FPNC, Fundacion pa Nos Communidad, for an expansion of the company’s repair of the world, Tikkun Olam program already in place at T.H. Palm & Company, its equally beautiful gift store at the Playa Linda Beach Resort.

Jodi shared that FPNC will receive a percentage of sale from each purchase, from both The Coconut Trading Co. at the Village Mall and The Coconut Trading Co. at the Marriott Ocean Club. A portion of the sale will be donated in line with the company’s core value of community support contributing to the repair of the world.

The not for profit FPNC, believes in Gandhi’s view that poverty is the worst form of violence, and in light of that philosophy set out to create a food bank, a clothing bank and a furniture bank, says Claudie C. Wegdam, Project Coordinator, for Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad, Salamander Holdings will be FPNC’s first proud sponsor.

Pictured here snapshots of the festive opening, including an informal ribbon cutting ceremony by writer Rona Coster who often lends her pen to the support of her community.