The Clown Doctors Raising Funds

Schedule of events for the weekend!

Countdown for Clown Doctors’

Ice Cube Diamond Raffle begins

The countdown for the exciting fundraising weekend of the Clown Doctors of Aruba begins today. The Paseo Herencia Mall is buzzing with activity, as the tent which will host the ice tower is put up. Then the air conditioning units will be installed and the custom-made frame for the ice needs to be ready to receive the blocks on Thursday afternoon. All the logistics will be in place for the event to begin. The start of the event is a cocktail reception at Taste of Belgium in the Paseo Herencia Mall for members of the press and sponsors. The new logo of the Clown Doctors will be unveiled during that occasion.

The schedule of events for the weekend is as follows:

Thursday, November 20:

5 – 6 pm  Press and Sponsor Cocktail Resecption

7 pm        Live broadcast from Magic FM radio

8 pm        Filming of a commercial by Ruben Garcia and Cherryldine Muller

                (for those at home: watch Riba un Trip on the tv; the clowns will be on!)

                Ticket sale for the Ice Cube Diamond Raffle starts! Ticket price is just AWG.

                10,– but the price will go up as the ice starts melting. Guess the time right

                when the diamond will fall on the ground and win it! Lots of other prizes too!

                Toy sale (everything just AWG. 10,–!)


Friday, November 21

Ticket sale Ice Cube Diamond Raffle and toy sale (get a great deal for your Christmas shopping!)

After the 7.30 pm water show: open air movie free of charge: Madagascar I

Popcorn and ice cream

On Saturday and Sunday Paseo will be a beehive of activities and fun happenings, among them the Mechanical Surfboard, Jumping Castles, Basketball, Balloons, Face Painting and games with great prizes to win. Should stationary bikes be available during the Spinning Contest, people are invited to join in for a sponsored ride.


Saturday, November 22

9.30 am:   Breakfast & a Movie in the Cinema@ Paseo – Madagascar II

                 Price for kids (breakfast included): AWG. 10,–/adults: AWG. 15,–

2 pm         ticket sale/toy sale – cartoon characters!

                 From 2 till 6.30 pm: photo opportunity with cartoon characters

                 At 2 pm: Confu Panda, at 3: Mickey Mouse (show); at 4: Curious George

                 at 5: Chipmunks (show), at 6 pm: Tweety and Sylvester

4 – 6 pm:  Payaso Kiki


Sunday, November 23:

9.30 am:   Breakfast & a Movie in the Cinema@Paseo – Beverly Hills Chihuahua

                 Price for kids: AWG. 10,– (breakfast included)/adults: AWG. 15,–

12 – 2 pm  Spinning with Danella Croes (Living Healthy Club)

                 Ticket/toy sale

2 pm:        Photo opportunity with cartoon characters:

                 Confu Panda; 3 pm: Shrek (show; 4 pm: Aby Gadaby; 5 pm: Dora (show)

                  6 pm: Curious George             

4 – 6 pm:   Payaso Kiki

Don’t forget to pass by the Paseo Herencia Mall across from the Holiday Inn Resort to participate in the Ice Cube Diamond Raffle. The price of a ticket goes up as the ice melts down. An on-going raffle with great prizes is held for the buyers of tickets at certain times. Paseo Herencia is the Place to Be this weekend!