The Blue Lobster restaurant recruits many goodwill ambassadors

Since opening in the fall, just around three months ago, many clients both locals and tourists have visited the Blue Lobster Restaurant enjoying the cuisine and the service and undertaking their own initiative to become the restaurant’s goodwill ambassadors.

They spread the great news around pools and beaches, giving owners German Castano and his son-in-law partner and executive chef Sandro Herold, unprecedented support, allowing the new restaurant to secure its leading position in Aruba’s highly-competitive restaurant market.

The enthusiastic testimonials went much further than pools and beaches, reaching the high-rise and low-rise hotels, spreading the word about the little cozy eatery, on the Palm Beach road, commanding the attention of lobster lovers among major corporations, banks and even official entities in the USA, Canada, Holland, France and Germany.

The future looks promising, says Castano, and we know it takes a lot of hard work and effort to maintain the momentum, but we feel comfortable knowing that there are so many people giving a helping hand, out there and spreading our fame.

The restaurant has undertaken many improvements and upgrades since opening day. All seats inside have been provided with soft and comfortable cushions adding to patron’s enjoyment of their meal. Also the service staff has been uniformed with fresh colored, turquoise blue vests, and white long sleeve shirts or blouses, to match the aqua theme of the restaurant.

Now plans are underway to redecorate the interior of the restaurant and to build a new entrance, granting patrons a more spectacular sense of arrival, with the help of beautiful colored lights, plants and a decorative pergola.

If you haven’t visited yet, hurry up and get there! The Blue Lobster Restaurant features more than 15 lobster dishes on its menu, listing Lobster Bisque, Lobster Ravioli and Lobster Croquettes, among hot appetizers, Lobster Salad, Lobster Cocktail and Lobster Martini among cold appetizers, and Lobster Thermidor, Lobster Lasagna, Broiled Lobster Tail in Garlic-Lemon-Herb Butter, Lobster Steak and Shrimp, Lobster Linguini, Lobster and Mushroom Ragout, and Lobster Risotto, as main courses.

The unrushed, intimate and relaxing ambiance of this family-run establishment is truly unique and worth a visit.