The Amazing Race in Aruba

Renaissance Corporate Fam
Renaissance Corporate Fam

A group of corporate Renaissance decision makers went on a jeep safari in the Aruban wilderness, competing in three teams, for the ultimate prize of getting to know the island inside out. The safari was organized by de Palm Tours and took the dignitaries, who did all the driving themselves, along country roads, to the Casibari and Ayo Rock Formations, the Natural Bridge, the Gold Mines and the Alto Vista Church.

Armed with instructions and an “a la trivial pursuit” challenge the appropriately named Sexy Sankas, Lagadishi Loco, and Green Bananas, took to the highway.

And yes, it is true, you can easily get lost on a 20-mile stretch of tropical splendor, and our corporate guests proved it!

Pictured here the departure from Renaissance Festival Plaza. Out to tuck the guests into their jeeps general manager Paul Gielen and event diva Ariana Santiago.