The 3-Day Corporate Lecture Series Will Deliver an Impactful Learning Experience

ORANJESTAD — As the business world is constantly seeing new developments, Aruba Bank decided to organize a 3-Day Corporate Lecture Series inviting its entrepreneur and business clients, to keep abreast of the latest developments. The lecture series will take place at the Renaissance Convention Center, starting on Tuesday, August 27th, and will conclude on Thursday, August 29th, 2013. The lectures will take place from 8:30am to 11:30am each morning.

The 3-Day Corporate Lecture Series is similar to the learning event organized by Aruba Bank in June, at the Young Entrepreneur Center at the main Aruba Bank branch in Camacuri. The lecture, titled Breakfast Meeting: Leadership & Management was given by Cor Storm and ended up as a total success. For the upcoming round Aruba Bank is offering three consecutive lectures, designed to interest corporate clients.

Each speaker will offer valuable information, which is current and relevant to contemporary business. On Tuesday, August 27th,  Ryan Kock will present the topic of Mergers and Acquisitions. On Wednesday, August 28th, Jeanette Solognier will present the topic of Compliance and on Thursday, August 29th, Martijn Balkenstein will talk about Macro Economic Developments.

Ryan Kock will elaborate on the topic of Acquisitions: The objectives, the process, the value of markets into which you’re buying, considerations of taxes, legalities and finance, all peppered by practical advice. Ryan Kock has a  Masters Degree in economic taxes, and Certified Public Accounting. He worked at Ernst & Young in the Netherlands, and in Aruba, having been granted the position of General Manager of the Aruba branch.  Ryan was also a member of the management team at Aruba Bank, however, since  2012 he has joined the ATLAS company, where he assists clients in the areas of accountancy, taxes and much more.

The second speaker, Jeannette Solognier, will elaborate on the topic of Compliance. Jeannette Solognier has a strong curriculum and vast knowledge of fraud investigations. She launched her career as an officer in the Police Force. Over the course of the years she has followed many courses and deepened her knowledge of forensics. Since 2010, Jeanette has joined Compliance & Forensic Services Caribbean, where she consults on work done in the fields of fraud investigation and security checks, as well as AML/ CFT compliance, integrity training/ policies and (pre-) employment screening in Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and Venezuela. Jeanette deepened her knowledge in the area of fighting against money laundering and financial terrorism locally, as well as internationally, and she is a Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist, CAMS.

The third lecturer, Martijn Balkenstein, has studied Environmental Management and the Science of Public Administration and Management. He started his career as a statistician at the Central Bureau of Statistics in 1993, and in 2009 he was promoted to the position of Director. Martijn has served as the project leader for various studies, such as Labor Force Surveys, Income and Expenditure Surveys, Tourism Expenditure Surveys and Business Counts, as well as working on the 2000 Census count. His management style focuses on getting results.

These lectures will all take place from 8:30 to 11:30am, at the  Renaissance Convention Center. All lectures will all be given in English, and they are completely free of charge.

Register before Tuesday, August 22nd, 2013. To register, visit  and fill out the digital form, thereby guaranteeing your spot at the interesting and up-to-date lectures, presented by Aruba Bank.