The 20th edition of Island Temptations is here!

Cover 20th editionThe 20th edition milestone for the crew of Island Temptations hits the market this week. “After this spring’s well-received ‘Green Edition,’ the pressure was on to produce something just as impacting but altogether different,” said Editorial and Creative Director Tina Causey-Escobedo.

The Summer 2008 front cover is one of 12 classic pinups recreated in the edition with local models and settings to give them Aruban spice and spirit. “This was an exhausting but exhilarating project…we hope the results reflect the true heart and soul that went into making these pinups, and all the amazing efforts put into them by our entire crew,” stated Public Relations and Special Projects Director Rona Coster.

“Raising the Bar” is one of this edition’s feature articles, recognizing the astounding efforts within Aruba’s hospitality community to upgrade the island’s tourism product and cement our standing as one of the top island destinations in the world, offering world-class amenities to travelers. Other tourism-related features include an article about the preparation that goes into cuisine for large banquets in “Feeding the Masses in Style,” as well as a piece dedicated to sharing the work of our talented local artists with visitors in “Resort Guests Enjoy an All-access Pass to Local Art.” Readers will also meet several of the island’s talent local singers in “Ladies of the Lounge.”

The crew of Island Temptations is already hard at work on the Fall-Winter 08/09 edition, where visitors to the island will learn how to “Eat & Play like a Local!”


The front cover features model Zilah Wever, recreating Easy to Spot (1950) by Artist Harry Ekman, with Jewelry by T.H. Palm & Company, Outfit by Trash by Ronchi, Shoes by San Marina, Picnic basket available at T.H. Palm & Company.