IT Specialist aids the Preservation of Favored Birds in the Struggle for Life

dsc07879.JPGRon Logan, Vice President, Product Development for Avani Cimcon Group visits Aruba regularly having recently been selected by the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association in collaboration with the Aruba Tourism Authority to produce a state-of-the-art web presence for Aruba to be launched at the end of the year.

Ron discovered not-quite-a-fledgling, a very young bird on the ground in the vicinity of the AHATA headquarters. The itty-bitty thing had just been blown off a tree by the wind, or perhaps tossed off by an evil larger sibling. Away from its thorny little cushion of twigs in a flowering Hubada, an extremely prickly cousin of the mimosa, it was surely sentenced to die, unless help came, fast.

In walks our undeterred-by-thorns hero. Ron recruited the help of Administrative Assistant Sherry Bidgood, or perhaps it was Sherry who recruited Ron and together they put their climbing and pulling skills to work to return the little birdie to its nest.

AHATA’s special project man Ed Malone billed the operation a complete success, contributing to the wellbeing of native Aruban species, by reversing the effect of natural selection and challenging the survival of the fittest theory.

Pictured here the IT man, in the forefront of environmental protection, climbing, reaching, returning the baby to its nest, later pausing to reflect scratches.