Surprise at Casa Tua Barcelona


Birthday boy Dooley Tromp, was given a surprise birthday celebration by his lovely wife Sylvina Medina. Sylvina invited Dooley’s good friends to Casa Tua Barcelona, then got Dooley out of the house with the help of a friend, into town and up the stairs, welcoming him with flutes of champagne as he walked in unsuspecting and totally taken by surprise.

The party organized by Isabella Kainama-Rugebregt, Marketing Manager, Casa Tua Restaurants, served delicious Tapas, Albondigas, Tortillas Patatas, Jumbo Shrimp Tarentina, Spanish deviled eggs, Goat cheese and Gouda with garlic bread, Aceitunas – green olives filled with red pepper, Spanish Paella, befitting the Friday evening gathering and homemade Tiramisu for dessert. The free-flowing pitchers of Sangria, were made fresh by Stefan, who also poured the bottomless flutes of champagne.

Pictured here Dooley and Sylvina on the wraparound al fresco terrace of Casa Tua Barcelona, celebrating his surprise birthday.