Sun and Moon Expressions at the Westin Aruba Art Gallery

An exhibition of two local artist Jeanne Ecury and Harold Bronswinkel opened this weekend at the Westin Aruba Art Gallery curated by gallery-owners Jan en eefje van der Straten.

Both artists have exhibited before as solo painters and in a group, they even shared a previous art exhibition at Cas Di Cultura, a few years ago.

Inspired by the sun and the moon for color and content respectively, the artists share a common denominator. They are both bold and joyful colorists, expressionists who deliver feelings through layers of paint and the tension created between them, presenting the world from their own individual and subjective perspective, often distorting reality in favor of the emotional effect of color and movement.

Aruba looks lovely through Jeanne’s eyes, as the artist is clearly inspired by her island, its magnificent landscapes and abundant sunshine, flora and fauna. Harold is more of an abstract painter, who enjoys investigating the relationships between colors, away from the figurative world.

The exhibition, evocative of moods or ideas, is open to the public in the lobby of the Westin.