Successful Leatherback save!

rescue-leatherback-california-017-pict0258_mediumA letter addressed to David Brown, Managing Director, Tierra del Sol Real Estate N.V., told a dramatic story.

Yesterday morning at 6:30 a.m. a Leatherback Sea Turtle of about 800 pounds, was found lost in between Tierra del Sol and the sea at the northern part of the island. After egg-laying the exhausted female Leatherback went in the wrong direction inland, and ended up near the Tierra del Sol Golf Course.

It was a big problem, reports Edith van der Wal, Turtugaruba, president, but the hardworking and dedicated staff of the golf course came to the rescue, fast and efficiently.  

Elisio Guerrero, José Rodríguez, Marco Baez and Rukiman, helped the volunteers of Turtugaruba with a fork lift truck and pallet/sheet and with some additional assistance from the fire brigade, they succeeded to lift the Leatherback up, transport it and bring it back to the shoreline, where it crawled into the sea, well and alive.

Turtugaruba is forever grateful for the terrific save, and thanked the maintenance crew, for all they have done. Mother earth, loves you too!!

Picture here, the save and rescue operation on the golf course.