Sponsors unite for a good cause: Education, our priority

education-priority-100Several organizations united to organize an event for students of various elementary schools, with the goal of supporting the education of local children.

Conscious of their responsibility to the community they created a special initiative, an event with the goal of raising awareness amongst elementary school students about the importance of their education.

On Saturday,13th of June, 2009, a group of 100 students from local elementary schools Colegio Santa Teresita, Commandeur Pieter Boer School, Maria Regina School, St. Michael School, Kukwisa School and Colegio Cristo Rey were invited to attend an event titled “Education, our priority”. The event took place at the Oroubo Plaza adjacent to the central Bus Station in town, from 10:30 in the morning to 12 noon. Arubus transported all the students from their schools to Oroubo Plaza.

The kids enjoyed a program that was created to entertain them, but with an educational content, design to awaken the kids attention as to the importance of a quality education.

Milly Lacle, Director of Oroubo Plaza, emphasized that every child is capable of being successful in their school studies. Our schools are aware of students’ need to develop themselves at the highest level, she said. However, kids must be motivated and they require an entire community to stimulate and encourage them from within, repeatedly tell them how important a good education is for their development and their future. Extra efforts help children achieve successful careers. At the same time it is helpful to remind adults that it is a good idea to reward children for their diligent work, in order to keep their flames stoked so that they continue to do well at school.

“It is extremely important to inform and make children aware from an early age about the value of having a good education. They must be aware that by going to school they are investing in their future and preparing for their adulthood,” the Director of Aruba Bank, Mr. Edwin Tromp, emphasized during the opening of the event.

Our island offers various possibilities to continue studying, but the decision to place their best foot forward and study seriously lies with the students themselves. This is why it is important to continuously guide and motivate children from elementary school, through higher education, never to loose sight of their personal goal.

The general thinking that education is only the responsibility of the Government is wrong, as a community we must all contribute to the development of our youngsters. They are the future leaders of our country. Our contribution must not only take material form, but it is important that professionals in our community also invest their time and talents to help motivate children develop successfully, Nataly Simmons and Mayra Janga from Aruba Bank pointed out.

During the event at Oroubo Plaza valuable messages were shared with the children such as always give priority to schooling, pay attention in class, ask questions, do your homework, study ahead of time so that you always get good grades and prepare for tests. Establish your goal, if you already know what you want to become in the future, work hard for it and learn everything that you can learn, at school and on your own.

The Oroubo Plaza event presented short speeches and fun presentations of three exemplary young members of our community. Two of the speakers have distinguished themselves in the world of sports; Shanayah Howell, the BMX cyclist who is known for her achievements around the world and young athlete Valerie Eman, a professional swimmer who has participated in hundreds of international swimming competitions. There was also a presentation by another youngster, the popular rap singer Biggy Boy, who entertained the kids with his songs, amplified by the sound of Thunder & Lightning.

Guests enjoyed a clown parade, organized by Party Animals, as the Oroubo Plaza transformed into a playground with a fantasy of balloons, courtesy of Ideas Flowershop.

Tessa Pieters, producer and presenter of the popular program “Trend Alert” on ATV, and a mother of two, served as the master of ceremonies, delivering very positive messages to the children.

As the morning came to an end each child received a school bag filled with school supplies, which they will be able to use in the new school year.

The event was a complete success. The kids were made aware of how important their school education is and were advised to put school in first place. They were very happy with their bag full of school supplies, with the snacks and juice served, the music, and the fun. Hopefully they will start the new school year, motivated and well prepared.

Oroubo Plaza and Aruba Bank would like to thank Arubus, Party Animals, Ideas Flowershop, Thunder & Lightning and The Turtle Cove Restaurant for their great support, which led to the tremendous presentation. This time the topic of “Education, our priority” was chosen as the central theme. The sponsors would like to thank the three youngsters, Shanayah, Valerie and Biggy Boy, as well as Minister Edison Briesen, Tessa Pietersz and publicist Rona Coster who freely gave their support in making the event “Education, our Priority” a success.