Sinterklaas visits children of all ages

Rad Sinter (24)More than 70 kids, children of resort employees, waited patiently in the Grand Caribbean Ballroom, for a conference with the holy bishop who hails from Spain, Sinterklaas, the Dutch version of his North American cousin Santa Claus.

Sinterklaas, the patron saint of children delivers gifts from mid-November to his birthday on December 5th, and true to their Dutch roots, Arubans celebrate his island visit every year.  Zwarte Pieten, Black Peters, his helpers don colorful pantaloons and feathered caps, they carry sacks filled with treats for well-behaved children—as well as bundles of sticks for naughty children! And thus they are often feared by the little ones, who hang on to their parents, when presented to the old man with his long white beard, saintly attire, and golden staff.

Pictured here the Radisson Aruba Resort Casino & Spa receives a visit from the holy man for an unforgettable afternoon of gifts and treats.