Shirley Geerman named General Manager ECO Destination Management Services Aruba & Curacao

Wichita Villacres, President of ECO Destination Management Services  announced the appointment of Shirley Geerman as General Manager of ECO Destination Management Services Aruba & Curacao, effective September 3rd 2012.

Aruban born Geerman has over 25 years of experience in the travel and hospitality industry and is very well known by the islands’ travel partners, and very familiar with the US, European and Latin markets.

ECO Destination Management service is the Dutch Caribbean’s, premier, full service destination management company operating in both Aruba and Curacao.

ECO DMS combines creativity, personal service and superior professional skills to deliver memorable motivational experiences for their clients.

In addition to offices in Aruba and Curacao, ECO DMS also operates a sales office in Miami, Florida,