SHARING GREAT DESIGN WITH ARUBA EQ3 launches a Share Your EQ3 campaign

A fun campaign was recently introduced by EQ3 Furniture + Accents encouraging customers to send in the pictures of their EQ3 furniture.

Several clients have enthusiastically shared their beautiful EQ3 home photo albums showing off upgraded living rooms and refreshed bedrooms and dining rooms.

The unique photographs sent in by satisfied clients can be seen on line, on the EQ3ARUBA Facebook page, which is updated continually.

EQ3 Furniture + Accents owner Lynn Maduro says she enjoys sharing her ideas with her customers, and she also appreciates when they share their own personal style with her. In the past few months, she had the privilege of helping furnish stylish condos at Oceania Residence, Oasis Condos, and Tierra del Sol Golf Resort Spa & Country Club, as well as local homes situated anywhere from the north to the south ends of the island.

While home-owners are always on the lookout for additional new pieces of furniture and interesting accents, the commercial sector is also upgrading its look, Lynn reports.

EQ3 recently participated in the renovation of Tribike Aruba, proudly supplying the store with accent furniture just before the grand-opening scheduled for June 15th. Biking and sports aficionados will surely enjoy the fun chairs which will be debuted next week. And at the Caribbean Mercantile Bank’s main branch, the conference room will also soon boast a freshened up look, with customized EQ3 furniture arriving in just a few weeks.

Besides the ongoing interior design projects handled by EQ3 Furniture + Accents, the store collaborated with Kooyman’s recent successful Date Night, by furnishing a charming display which enjoyed immense popularity by Kooyman’s female guests that evening.

Pictures here snapshots sent in by clients and the display at Kooyman’s Mega Store.