Shanela celebrates an anniversary at Frangipani Restaurant

The Turtle’s Nest & Frangipani Restaurants at Costa Linda Beach Resort have served resort guests and their family member since the resort’s opening day. In the last decade, two people who embody the spirit of service at the restaurants are Shanela Paulina and Edwin Ortiz who are celebrating their tenth year anniversary at the helm at Costa Linda.

Shanela and Edwin share the responsibility for management during the restaurant’s hours of operations, and actively pursue total guest satisfaction for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

Shanela is the morning star. She came to Costa Linda having retired her stewardess uniform with KLM, Dutch Royal Airlines. She landed at Costa Linda, and never looked back.  Her day starts early with a refreshing work out at her favorite gym, pumping iron before arriving at work at 7am.

Shanela is especially proud of the extensive breakfast menu at Frangipani, all dishes made to order, always fresh. The restaurant’s breakfast philosophy continues to be based on the idea that patrons want to eat a la carte, and that they enjoy the option of having just a simple breakfast or a more elaborate one from the available menu.

Having worked at Costa Linda for so long she recognizes guests by name, and knows what their breakfast preferences are. She’s watched their children grow into adults, “a lot can happen, in ten years,” she says, referring to the evolution of tiny-tots into teenagers, visiting Aruba with their parents and grandparents each year. “Some of the guests,” she says, “have become my family members and we are so happy to see each other again, each year.”

With the closing of the Turtle’s Nest for renovations, Shanela also oversees the Beach Bar, offering grilled burgers and hot-dogs to Costa Linda’s beach-loving guests. And she looks forward every week to meeting hungry patrons on Wednesday, for Lobster Night, and daily at Happy Hour, as she makes sure the bartenders keep up with the pace of mixing their favorite tropical libations.

On her off days, Shanela is a dedicated mom, cooking pasta dinners and local Creole specialties for her 15 year old daughter Quianna, and her all-grown-up son Jeandre, often inviting one of her three other siblings to share the occasions, with their extended family.