Santa Margherita Conducts a Wine Seminar at The Radisson Aruba Resort Casino & Spa

Palm beach — True to its slogan: The Perfect Wine for Every Moment, Federico Trost Export Manager of Santa Margherita Winery facilitated a wine tasting seminar with more than fifty hospitality and food & beverage staffer, on his recent visit to the island.

Romar Trading representatives, and wine artist Clive Faustin who is the wine portfolio and account leader at Romar Trading, were on hand to welcome guests, at the Grand Caribbean Ballroom, for an afternoon of learning and enrichment.
Pinot Grigio, Chianti Classico Riserva, Prosecco and Sparkling Rose were tasted and appreciated as the crowd discovered the delights of the perfectly chilled glass of wine.
Trost shared with his audience that in the 1970’s, Anthony Terlato became the #1 importer of premium Italian wines to the USA. He believed there was an opportunity for quality Italian wines beyond traditional Italian restaurant wine lists, and he believed wine lovers were ready to experience a truly high-end Italian white. While in Italy, he explored a range of regions and varietals and determined that Pinot Grigio was the wine that could revolutionize the perception of Italian wines in high-end restaurants. In a restaurant in Italy, he ordered all 18 Pinot Grigios on the list and tasted every one. When he tasted Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio from the Marzotto family, he knew he had found his varietal and the proper relationship.
Tony has been called “the father of Pinot Grigio” and “one of the most accomplished wine personalities on the planet” for pioneering regions, varietals and brands from around the world. Pioneering the Pinot Grigio category in America with Santa Margherita, he created the most successful brand and established Pinot Grigio as a much-loved varietal around the world. Crisp, elegant Santa Margherita remains the leading Pinot Grigio brand and still captures the imagination of wine lovers across the country.
The audience at the Radisson Aruba Resort Casino & Spa raised their glass to Anthony Terlato – an innovator and pioneer who created the Pinot Grigio category and opened the door for Pinot Grigio and many high-end Italian wines.
Pictured here the wine tasting seminar!